The name leprechaun is derived from the old Irish word luchorpan which means "little body."
A leprechaun is an Irish fairy taking the appearance of a miniature old man, about 2 feet tall. They are known to live in remote places.


leprechaun3Leprechauns are solitary creatures and spend their time making shoes and brogues. If you hear the sound of his hammer when he is at work you know you have found him.
All leprechauns possesses a hidden crock of gold.


If you are fortunate enough to capture a leprechaun he might reveal the location of his gold, to escape. But, keep your eye on the leprechaun. If you look away, just for a moment, he will vanish.


Wee Folk of Folklore

Wee folk come in all sizes and originate from many areas. Most are found in folklore. Here are the names of some of them; elves, fairys, gnomes, leprechauns, trolls, dwarfs, pixies, brownies, sprites, banshees, goblins, undines, and sylphs.
Folklore is handing down customs and beliefs through stories. Stories made up to explain things that could not be understood were called myths, legends, and fables and Fairy Tales. Below are many of the charactors found in folklore.

A Leprechaun is a tiny creature found in Ireland. He is always male and is sometimes called Irelands national fairy. He usually dresses in a drab coat and hat, sometimes green in color, and is found making shoes for fairies and elves. He is known to be a drinker and a smoker and fond of jokes and pranks. Cluricauns look just like Leprechauns, but never work leprechaun2and are known to steal or borrow what they want. They wear silver buckles on their shoes and high stockings and are as fond of drink as the Leprechaun. (Some say they are one and the same.) Leprechauns protect treasure, usually described as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If a mortal catches a Leprechaun he can obtain his gold but the Leprechaun will use bribery or trickery to escape and can vanish into thin air. Some say Leprechauns are fairy's but others say they just make their shoes and know where their treasure is hidden. Others believe they are protecting the ancient treasure left by the Danes.

A Gnome is a tiny dwarf-like creature like the Irish Leprechaun but much smaller and from Norse mythology. The gnome of GnomeGerman folklore is mostly found in Europe ,and Russia and has Scandinavian origin. The, male wears a red cap and the female a green cap until she is married. They are rarely seen and work at night, in the woods but some in people's houses. They are said to live underground and guard treasure.

The Troll is also of Scandinavian origin like the gnome but is a giant that lives in the hills or in caves.troll1 Some describe him also as a mischievous dwarf.

Dwarfs in Nordic lore lived in caves or underground. They were small and were known to be very good blacksmiths. Disney made dwarves famous as the seven friends of Snow White

Elves are a small and said to have magical powers and pointed ears. They live very long lives up to 2000 years. Some elves live at the north pole and make toys.


The Brownies lives in Scotland. They are invisible and work in houses doing peoples chores for them at night.

Fairy Tales take their name from Fairys who seem to have origins all around the world. Stories range from Tinkerbell, with her fairy dust that lets Peter Pan fly, to the Irish fairys called Sidhe, to the Tooth Fairy.

fairy44The Irish Fairy, Sidhe, is pronounce "she" and legend says they were gods called the Shining Ones or Ancient Ones. They are immortal and were descended to earth from the Sun.






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