At the Angel Light our aim is to bring forward the proof that life is everlasting and that our loved ones live on. We hope to bring comfort and understanding and to provide an open door to those who wish to experience this truth.

The Angel Light is run by a group of working mediums and healers.

We have several excellent healers who can provide healing of the body or the mind.

Healing is a Spiritual gift that is given from the Spirit world and can be of great benefit, it is a truly relaxing and wonderful experience, no healer can guarantee a cure, just as no doctor can guarantee a cure, but all healing is done in love with the help of spirit workers uniting with the healers and most people will gain benefit.

Each Week we have the services of an Invited Medium who will demonstrate an hour of clairvoyant communication from your loved ones who have returned to the Spirit side of life. This can be very humorous at times as they do not lose their sense of humour and if uncle Dave would have let you know what was wrong in no uncertain terms when he was here he will still come forward to tell you in the same manner. Those who have passed only lose their outer skin, not their personality. Our visiting mediums travel from many parts of Scotland and we thank them for providing this service to us.

After tea and biscuits have been served our own resident mediums will follow with another hour of clairvoyant communication, during this hour healing will also take place.

We are happy to talk to anyone who has any questions on aspects of Spirit that they maybe do not understand or to answer any questions on the work we do at the centre.

Come and join us some Friday your friends who have passed will be happy to see you just as we will.



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