During a very difficult period of my life I was given lots of proof that my parents in spirit were still looking after me. My friend had several times given me clairvoyance that the 23rd psalm would be meaningful to me. I was moving house shortly after that and had emptied my bookcase and removed the shelves. When I went to fill the bookcase tucked into the joining strip on the back of the bookcase was a small card, of course, the 23rd psalm. I did not have a copy of this in my previous house and the bookcase had made a journey in a removal van and the card was not there when it was carried in. I now have the card beside my bed and it brings me comfort.

Strange but true.

At around the same time, on my birthday, I had a timer which rang on three different occasions although it was impossible to ring without being set. I was alone at the time so no-one else could have set it.

At xmas that year I was in my house with my grand daughter Julie, I had to go into my bedroom several times and on each occasion the light was on although I had switched it off. I eventually said to Julie to check it was off and again of course it was back on.

Merry Xmas from mum and dad?

I have a bedside clock, which has a button on the top right hand corner which you can press to illuminate the time. When I wakened on New Year morning I tried to switch on the light and could not find the button, my clock had been turned upside down.

Happy New Year?

On my birthday that year, when I went to bed there was nothing on the carpet in my living room but when I got up the next morning I saw a till receipt lying on the carpet. It was from my birthday the previous year, I doníít hoard old till receipts and it was not there the previous night.

Strange but true.

When one of my other grand daughters was young she was awakened by her feet being tickled although she was alone in the room.

She went downstairs to join her mother and was allowed to lie on the sofa where she fell asleep, when her mother carried her up to bed later she found that the electric blanket had gone on fire. If spirit had not wakened her she could have been badly burned. Spirit can help us in many ways.

Strange but true

One morning a couple of days before Xmas 2008 I was awakened by my fax/telephone giving one ring, I ignored it and thirty minutes later it gave one ring again and stopped. I lifted the receiver and the tune On Xmas Day in the Morning was playing, this was strange enough but when I replaced the receiver it still played.

I later dialled 1471 to find a last number to find a possible reason, but the last number was from the previous day.

Strange But True

I was relaxing in my living room one afternoon and my radio on my hi-fi was suddenly switched on and started to play. The remote control was safely beside the hi-fi so had not been accidentally switched on.

Still having my hi-fi switched on regularly and my television is now being switched to stand by although I never leave it like that.

Easter weekend 2010, on going to bed last night my bedside lamp was not working, I changed the light bulb but still nothing happened. I also noticed that the light on my electric blanket was lit although it was not switched on. I switched it to the three on settings and the light went off.

I tried again this morning with again the same result, tried the old bulb in another lamp and it was fine.

Decided spirit were getting very good with electrical messages and tried them again. Working perfectly

Happy Easter




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