Passing to spirit

When we pass over we all move on to another life in the spirit world to join with our family and friends who have gone before us. There we can continue learning, perhaps things that we were unable to study here, due to lack of time or perhaps money. We will not have these restrictions in spirit so will have plenty of opportunities to learn.

Why some do not return immediately

Unfortunately there are some people who for various reasons will not return to spirit immediately, some due to religious beliefs that do not accept that there is another life and some who cling on to possessions and do not wish to lose what they have worked for. Others may have lived a bad life here and do not understand that there is forgiveness and a way to repay their debts.

Helping lost souls

Many of these souls see the light and will be helped to spirit by spirit workers, but others may need assistance. Part of the work that we do with our E.M.S team is to help the spirit guides by talking to the lost souls and explaining to them that they can move on, guiding them to the light where their loved ones await them. There is much happiness when this happens as you can imagine the reunions.

Visits from loved ones

Occasionally there are problems which cause disturbances in people’s houses by unwanted spirits and this is where we are sometimes called upon to help. We can assess whether it is a loved one showing us they are there by moving objects, switching on and off lights or appliances, opening and closing doors etc, this is no problem as it is love that makes them return as visitors.

Unaware souls

There are other presences in spirit form who perhaps do not realise they have passed and wonder why these strange people, who will not talk to them are in their home and are just trying to get rid of these strangers any way they can. We can talk to them and explain what has happened to them helping them to move on.

Disturbed souls

Much more rare are the bad entities who bring fear and havoc to homes and the people living in them, again we try to work with them and with the help of our team of workers on the spirit side we attempt to forcibly remove them and send them to be worked with on the spirit side of life as it is not our task to judge why anyone is acting in this manner.





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