The tiny seedling raised its head

Looking around at what it could see,

It looked at the other plants and shrubs

They are all much taller than me.


But it stood there in a sheltered spot

Right against the wall

It sadly looked around each day

And wished that it were tall.


Each day the gardener stopped and said

In a gentle tone,

Do not worry little one

In a few months youíll be grown.


As the sun shone down on that little plant

It started to grow quite fast

It grew and grew until quite soon

All the other plants it passed.


It grew higher than the windows

So tall it reached the roof

And the sunflower looked around and said

Just look I am the proof.


That from very tiny beginnings,

Thereís no limit to what can grow.

So set your targets very high

And from your own seeds they can grow.

© M.Rattray.




We all have spirit gifts to use

How to use them we must choose,

To use those gifts, large or small

That we can choose to share with all.


Or keep them tightly wrapped within

Surely that would be a sin.

Many need the healing hands

To cure the sickness on our lands.


Loving words from those we love

Brought as comfort from up above.

Help to prove that they still live on,

From our lives they have not gone.


Someone who listens when others grieve

When a loved one had to leave.

Just finding the suitable words to say

All spirit workers have a part to play.


So polish up your gifts today

Learn to use them in any way

Try to make others understand

As you give comfort and help on this land.

© M. Rattray.



Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Who is the fairest of them all,

As your reflection comes in to view,

What do you see looking back at you.


A face full of frowns and a wrinkled brow,

Iíll have to get through this day somehow.

Why does everything happen to me

When everyone else gets off scot free.


Another scowl and a comb through my hair

Why should I bother, no one will care.

I have a quick shower, now what will I wear,

Back into my room and across to the chair.


Lying there is a feather so white,

A gift from an Angel during the night.

Someone cares, I am not on my own

Suddenly I doní t seem quite so alone.


I glance in my mirror what do I see

A lovely smile shining back at me.

And all of a sudden I am aware

That my Angel walks with me everywhere.

© M.Rattray.




I ask that all be free from wars

And for peace throughout our lands,

That all could stop their fighting

And instead that all joined hands.


That all could love their fellow man

That all forget their greed,

That all could join in sharing

Just keeping what they need.


I ask that all could see the pain,

In the eyes of those who cry,

That they could wipe the tears away

And save the ones who die.


That all could pray and ask for help

To save our mother earth,

To stop the greed and pillaging

That could maybe be her death.


I ask that all consider more

The damage being done

And ask once more for healing

Before resources all have gone.


We have been blessed by many gifts

On this our earthly lands,

But we are all destroying it

With our selfish hands.


So take the time to stop and think

Of things that can be done,

As if we carry on this way

All earthí s treasures will be gone.

© M.Rattray.


There are so many on this earth

Who do not seem to care,

Of all the earthly problems

They seem so unaware.


Of starving children with no food,

In many distant lands,

Living in great squalor

Holding out their begging hands.


Lands with illness, little cures

Where no-one seems to care

Other lands with plenty

But they do not want to share.


Many live without a roof

To raise above their heads.

They merely have the open ground

On which to make their beds.


Where loss of mortal life is high

Where children slip away

They have not learned what childhood is

They have not learned to play.


Where little children have to beg

Or steal to get some food,

Where hunger is a normal thing

And their life is not so good.


Oh if only all could care

And maybe take a part

Praying for those distant lands,

Would maybe be a start.


If only all forgot of war

And learned to live in love,

We would maybe hear the lessons

From the learned ones above.

© M. Rattray.




When I call your name, you come to me

But I know that I should set you free

As you learn to live in a land so new

Where one day I will join you too.


I know that you still love me dear

And the loving thoughts are ever near,

But we now must walk our paths alone

As I am here but you have gone.


You live your life in another land,

But although I miss you, I understand,

That you have much more work to do

To progress on this path so new.


There is so much that you must learn

Much more knowledge you must earn

To understand the spirit way

As you live there day by day.


Then when that other land I reach

What youíve learned, to me can teach,

As we unite once more in love

In that land of sunshine up above.

© M, Rattray




Take my hand I am lost,

I have no-one to show me the way

I know that I really should ask,

But I did not know what to say.


So I asked that someone should teach me,

As I felt that I was all alone

And a voice in reply, gently said

That no-one was left on their own.


You are always surrounded by spirit friends,

Who come when you give them a call.

You do not have to be special

As they answer to one and to all.


They do not judge or criticise,

They do not charge a fee.

The love and help they give to us

Is always given free.


So make a start and ask right now

For someone to show the way

And I am sure that you will find,

That you know the words to say.

© M. Rattray.




Silent footsteps in the dark of night

A touch so soft and caring.

A gentle caress upon my head

Of memories once more sharing.


Silent hours when sleep wont come

And I lie there all alone,

But once again I hear your step

And I know you have not gone.


Silent tears in the lonely night

When time drags by so slow,

Then a whispered voice within my ear

Says, it really was my time to go.


Morning comes, the footsteps go

But now I feel so strong,

I know you have not left me

You are with me all along.

© M. Rattray.




Rainbows come in many hues

Of yellows, greens and reds and blues.

After the rain, comes the sun

And this is true for everyone.


If you listen to the tales of old,

The rainbow brings a pot of gold,

But you must search and seek it out,

Itís never left just lying about.


You must always work for what you yearn,

Itís the only way that you will learn,

That your path through life is up to you

Other people donít hold the clue.


Each must seek his own pot of gold

And decide himself what it will hold.

Jewels and gold and coins so rare

Or maybe gifts that we can share.


Coins and gold can soon be spent,

Soon you may wonder where it went.

Those riches soon can fade away

As your rainbow turn to grey.


So ask for health, joy, love and care,

The gifts that you can also share

And as you spread those gifts around,

The pot of gold youíve truly found.


© M. Rattray




I give to you my love,

I shared with you my heart.

When I returned to spirit,

I knew we would not part.


The closest bond, you gave to me

And in return, I gave to you,

Will always stay deep in my heart

And I know youíll love me too.


Two hearts as one, they beat in time,

With mutual love and caring.

The days on earth I spent with you,

Were filled with Joy and Sharing.


So little time we had to share

As life went flying past,

But one abiding thought we knew.

Our love was made to last.


Twas made of love and made of trust,

The vows that we did share

And ever onward through our life

We showed our love and care.


But now Iíve gone to spirit

And we must be apart,

But as in life we two are one

And you still dwell in my heart.

© M.Rattray


This verse was given to me by my friend Elizabethís husband Alex as a gift of love.





Today would have been a special day

If we had not been apart

But every day is a special day

As I still keep you here in my heart.


Our love it was so special

In so very many ways

And we do not need to celebrate

Only on special days.


From the day we met, you stole my heart

No one else could ever compare.

I was so glad that you felt the same

And a lovely life we would share.


We walked together side by side

Joined together by love

And as I loved you there on earth

I now love you from above.


Thereís a tear in my eye that we cannot share

What would have been our special day

But the love we have will always last

As I continue to love you in every way.


Just know that I walk beside you

Iím only a thought away

And I send you love from deep in my heart

On this our special day.

© M.Rattray.

This verse was given to my friend Elizabeth from her husband Alex to celebrate the day that would have been their fortieth wedding anniversary





I feel your love surround me

As I sit here all alone

Your presence is so real to me

Although your bodies gone.


We were a pair, two separate parts

With a mind that thought as one,

I knew what you were thinking,

Now I have to think alone.


You were my strength, the point of life

As we travelled far and wide

But now I must tread on my own,

Without you by my side.


We shared so much, the laughs and joy

As our days flew by so fast,

Now although in life weíre parted

I know our love will last.


When I think of you I still can smile

As the happy thoughts recall

And as the memories flow once more

Iím not alone at all.


We maybe live in different worlds

But you still dwell in my heart

And as I live my life down here

I know weíre not apart.


You keep me strong to carry on

When I sometimes feel alone

As your presence is so real to me

As your spirit has not gone.

© M. Rattray




A child went missing today

Did somebody take them away,

Please help to ease the parents pain

As they wonder if they will see them again.


Innocent children come down to this land

And we must lead them by the hand

Nurture and teach them how to evolve

Help as they grow their problems to solve.


Each child is a gift given on loan

To care for and worship until they have grown.

We hope that their lives will be happy and long

But sometimes alas we are proved to be wrong.


Not all who live on these lands are good

They do not live their lives as they should,

So we must always be aware

To protect the children in our care.


A child went missing today

Did somebody take them away,

Let them come home and remove the pain

And allow their family to love them again.

© M. Rattray.




Millions of stars, in a sky of blue

When night-time falls, come in to view,

Then as daylight comes they disappear

But we still know that they are there.


Many see their loved ones die

In their grave, they surely lie,

There is no other life in store

And they will lie there ever more.


They will not believe what they cannot see

And they will not listen to folk like me,

Who know our loved ones still live on

We know for sure, they have not gone.


We do not need to see to know

That to heavenly realms they go

To join the stars in the sky of blue

That as night-time falls, come into view.


We know as the sun begins to shine

Our loved ones are there, yours and mine

We know that they have just moved on

It does not mean that they have gone.


So when you look at that sky of blue

Send a loving thought or two

To let them know you do believe

That our loved ones never leave.

© M. Rattray.






I stand beside my window

As I gaze at the starry sky

And once again I sadly ask

Please father tell me why.


I know you have to fill your land

With those who walk this earth.

But why did you have to call to you

The child that I gave birth.


As I cross my empty arms once more,

You must understand my pain,

I long to hold that little child

In my arms once again.


He was my little ray of sunshine

Who gave meaning to each day,

Now I just have memories

Since you took my son away.


Each day I pray you keep him safe

And sit him on a star

Then every night as I watch the stars

I can see him from afar.


I know you must have loved him more

To have caused me all this pain

I only ask that you care for him

Until the day we meet again.

© M.Rattray.



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